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For example, if your house need serious repairs, it won’t be practical to do the work you need. If your personal home is in need of restore, your landlord may need to do the repairs you need. If you, or someone that you live with, are disabled, you might have the flexibility to get a disabled services grant for adaptations or offering facilities for the disabled person.

If you have scored one such find at a yard sale or have one stashed in the attic, you can invite visitors to “come on in” by placing again into service a classic lantern. No plumber, no electrician—and no worries that you’re squandering your retirement money on a load of unpolluted dishes. Trimroc molding from Canamould Extrusions is a light-weight polystyrene foam coated in exhausting plaster. It cuts smoothly with a handsaw and it goes up in a flash with joint compound. No …