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Election Integrity Robert Bloom is interviewed by CBS Boston on election processing lawsuits. ‘Gamestopper’ Brian Quinn is quoted in the Financial Times a couple of new courtroom ruling’s potential impact on leveraged buyouts. Law Deans Speak Out Vincent Rougeau among the many 157 law deans who signal an announcement decrying event at the Capitol. Professor Brian Quinn comments on a current court decision which will have an result on Private Equity corporations’ practices of piling debt on struggling company deals in The New York Times. Shareholder Activism BC Law Professor Kent Greenfield discusses the rise in shareholder activism that is reshaping international monetary markets in Roll Call.

BC Law sleuths create web site that restores Black lawyer to his rightful place in history. “Actual Malice” Standard Professor Kent Greenfield discusses how Sarah Palin’s try and sue The Times tests the First Amendment and press freedom. Transgender Case Lands in Supreme …