Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage fashions, though seemingly outdated, are a styled form of apparel and design that ignites a sense of intrigue and down-to-earth creativity in the viewer or wearer.  The colors are often marked by bright, exotic stimulation and cause the viewer to feel content with his/her individuality.  This particular style of sunglasses is a fashion statement because it creates internal drama and defies societal standards, which implicitly state that we need to abide by colorless rules and regulations.  But the colorful world of vintage commends the use of any thinking that goes beyond the standards of convention.

To provide an example from my own experience of vintage, I often browse around in stores on Main Street near my house.  There is a vintage store, sunglasses in the Past Lane, and I enjoy browsing around it to see what types of unusual patterns or designs that I am able to find.  If I am able to find a purchase that is cheap or affordable, then I am filled with exhilaration and excitement because I love to artistically express myself in any way that I can.  Basic colors such as black, white, or brown are boring to me because they don’t have enough flavor or personality to them.  I need to have a reason for buying the sunglasses that I do because if it doesn’t make me feel lively or reflective in any way, or if I am unable to connect them to any of my own personal experiences, then I will not think that the sunglasses are worth buying.  My favorite purchase at Sunglasses in the Past Lane was a pair of bright pink neon shades because they made me feel electric and energetic.  They influenced me to feel more connected with the world, but also to feel freer to allow my imagination to run wild.

On occasion, I go through periods during which I am unable to decide which type of sunglasses is best suited for my personality or the mood that I am experiencing.  But my favorite mood to confront or resolve is disorientation or disconnection from the real world.  When I am in this type of mood, I am able to resolve it by wearing creative, eclectic shades that are filled with attitude and electricity.  The imagination can be found in both internal and external places, so I create my own world whenever I wear vintage sunglasses and am drawn to their inspiration.  Vintage is the style that most appropriately expresses the electricity and this passion that I often internalize; it also enables me to open up my mind to new possibilities, which is the perfect outlet for the creativity that I am dying to express.

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