Tips that Lead to Successful Sunglass Sales


So you are thinking about selling sunglasses? You have probably already read several sunglasses websites and have some experience buying sunglasses from various places.  You have probably received a lot of advice from family and friends.  The fact that are you reading the blogs on this page is a clear indicator that you want to succeed.

Here are some tips that can help you succeed.  First you need to do business with a successful company such as a leader in the industry.  When you buy wholesale from a leader your money will not be tied up with backorder scams and out of stock ploys.  You will get your sunglasses on time ready to sale.

Next have you thought about “customer service”?  I am certain that if you are old enough to want to be your own boss you have heard someone mention this or read it on a sign.  But what does it really mean.

Customer service is a state of mind and heart that your customers will pick up on.

A very basic component of “customer service” is always greet your customers with a smile.  In fact you should not be thinking about your troubles at all when you are on the job because it will show on your face.  It is difficult to have a smile on your face if you are worried about making your car payment on time.  How many times have you been in the mall and noticed the frowns that were on the faces of the sellers at those little booths.  Ever wondered what they were thinking about?  The point is you don’t want your customers to see you unhappy.  You want to present yourself with a smile at all times – as if your very job is fun.   A frown is contagious.  Would you want to talk to someone that had a frown on their face – probably not.

It is important to know about the sunglasses that you are selling.  Go to the manufacturer’s websites and read what they say about their products.  Customers are more comfortable dealing with sales staff that know all about the products they are selling.  That means you have to be able to answer their questions – with a smile.  So if you are selling sunglasses that you have not personally used – you need to learn about them.  Read customer comments about the products.  Ask people you see wearing sunglasses that you do not know about – what they think about their sunglasses – their likes, dislikes and would they buy that pair of sunglasses again.

And here is another tip.  Manufactures love to change things.  This years best seller will be discontinued next year – so you need to find out what model they are going to replace your best seller with.  Also check out their competitors – many times a rival manufacturer will begin making a pair of sunglasses that look and function exactly like the ones that were discontinued.  Warning – don’t sell knockoffs.  The local police can arrest you even if the company that made your best seller no longer makes that model – because they “own the rights” to that design. 


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  1. Eyeglasses Houston says:

    Those of you managing eyeglass business should take note of these tips – it can do wonders for you. And I agree on the point of customer service. Its an important point that can never be overlooked.

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