The Essential Single Display

Upon entering the typical sunglass shop you will be awed by the sheer number and organization of the product.  As an immense wall of sunglasses stares back at you, your approach is daunting; you’re not sure where to start. A quick glance to the left, a peek to the right, and an overwhelming feeling sets in.


Having the proper displays and a creative way to direct someone’s attention is the key to getting customers not only through your doors, but out of them with styling shades.  There are many standard displays, circle racks, wall racks, glass cases, all of which can confuse the buyer with too many options. This is the importance of the single display. Simple and attractive, the single display draws the attention of the customer to the pair of glasses that appeals to them most, thus, allowing the seller to be attentive to the customer’s desires.  Highlighted alone on a display the pair of glasses grabs the customer’s interest and attracts people to your store in a friendly, confident and comfortable manner.  Already you have changed the atmosphere of your shop.

An Image of Display

There are two common ways of displaying glasses in a shop, by brand, and by style.  When displaying by style you have created groupings of similar glasses.  In this situation a single display near a wall of glasses will accomplish two simple but vital goals.  First the display will act as a directory. It will easily grab the eye of observers and give a concise point of interest.  Second, you may use it to highlight a style to move stock or draw others to displays that may otherwise be overlooked.  Our other scenario of organization is by brand.  The single display interacts with this system quite optimally.  You may choose to put a popular or distinct pair of glasses on the single display showing off the designer’s work.

In any eyeglass shop, the single display will increase sales by simply creating a rewarding and comfortable customer experience.   Grabbing the shopper’s attention, highlighting your best spectacles, and creating a clean uncluttered display room, the single display is a necessity for any sunglass store.

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