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Sunglasses Etiquette

Good etiquette means behaving according to socially accepted standards.  It applies to the way we eat, talk, dress, and act in public.  We know what’s expected of us — no one has to tell us to chew with our mouths closed or avoid offensive language.  Logically, then, the rules of etiquette should apply to sunglasses.

Which leads us to the question: Should a person wear sunglasses at night or indoors?  I mean their purpose is included right in their name — SUNglasses.  So what’s the point of wearing sunglasses if you can’t see the sun?

Does wearing sunglasses indoors or at night make you look trendy, like John Belushi in the Blues Brothers of Jack Nicholson anywhere and anytime (but maybe Jack just has transition prescription lenses)?  Instead of cool or hip, maybe wearing sunglasses when there’s no sun makes you look suspicious or shady or just plain weird.

There’s no doubt humans like to look into other’s eyes: to gauge their true feelings, glimpse into their soul, detect their life secrets.  Wearing sunglasses can build a barrier between people (which may or may be your point in wearing them).

But we shouldn’t judge people who wear sunglasses indoors or at night too harshly.  Maybe they have a vision impairment for which sunglasses are a necessity or just forgot their regular glasses.

And, undeniably, the right sunglasses in the right venue — indoors or out — can make a person look attractive, mysterious, alluring.

Proper etiquette changes over time.  Remember just a few years ago when it wasn’t cool to wear a baseball cap indoors?  Etiquette for sunglasses may also be changing, and Mass Vision offers a style that is appropriate for every occasion.


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