What Do Your Sunglasses Say About You?

Since making their début on the boardwalk of 1930′s Atlantic City,
sunglasses have replaced the time piece as a symbol of power, glamor
and status. The eyes hidden behind an elegant pair of shades attract
the attention of every onlooker, creating a sense of mystery and
intrigue. Every prominent figure in society is seen in them. No movie
star, musician, or sports hero is ever caught without their sunglasses
as they are chauffeured about, chased by paparazzi. They give the
impression of being unmoved by your surroundings, a rebelliousness and
a youthful vitality in the face of a demanding world. Just like the
figures who wear them, sunglasses have become synonymous with fame,
success, and freedom from the common pressures of every day life – in
short, the American dream. This simple item is the most seductive item
in fashion, and it holds more potential to make a statement than any
other article in your wardrobe. They define your image. So what do
your sunglasses say about you?
In the modern world, “cool” is currency. Perception is everything and
what people see will tell them everything they need to know about you.
Give the impression of confidence even when you might be feeling
insecure. Sunglasses can be a mask against scrutiny. On a subconscious
level, the right pair of sunglasses can give you an upper hand in
social interaction. People equate impressive shades with the powerful,
successful, and attractive. Whether you are walking down the street,
at the beach, on the way to the office, night or day, indoors or
outside, your look has a dramatic effect on the way people think of
you and the way they treat you. Sunglasses have a dramatic effect on
the impression you leave with them. When you dress to impress, fake
shades are a faux pass. Your identity is worth the investment. Spending
the time and money to find the right pair of sunglasses for you, for a
particular occasion, will pay dividends. Whether you want to be seen
wearing the latest trends or something more timeless, find something
that works with your unique style, your wardrobe, and your face. Try to
accentuate the strengths of your natural looks and pay attention to
the shape of your face. As a rule of thumb, you want to pick a lens
shape that is more angular if you have a round face and try oval or
round frames if you have a more angular face.  You deserve to look
your best, like the stars and leaders of the world. You deserve to be
among that élite. Let your sunglasses say that about you.

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