Sunglasses vs. Computer Screens

draft_lens19869682module162662879photo_1350765541.aEver have itchy or watery eyes after spending too much time on the computer? How about headaches or blurred vision? A recent study conducted by the Vision Council (see below for the link) found that these symptoms are often caused by prolonged exposure to digital media.  That’s right. In addition to worrying about UV rays from the sun, now we have to worry about whether using our computers, tablets, cell phones, and televisions are having detrimental effects on our eyes. Seventy percent of Americans have experienced the effects of digital eye strain already.
Luckily, the strain put on our eyes by technology rarely causes long term damage. Short term complications though are likely. So if you would like to avoid dry eyes or headaches after spending a day in front the computer, the report gives several solutions.  Many of these might seem obvious: sit up straight, keep your screens clean, increase the font size of writing so that things are easier to see, buy specialized computer eyewear to reduce glare and relax your eye muscles…
Hold on a second.
Buy specialized computer eyewear??!! I don’t know about you, but it sounds like a lot of work to go out and purchase expensive eyewear just to avoid some minor discomfort. So here’s a better idea: wear sunglasses. Sometimes the obvious solutions are best. Sunglasses will quickly put an end to many symptoms you might be experiencing.  Even cheap pairs of sunglasses will protect your eyes from most digital screen glare.
For fashion’s sake it’s fortunate that so many digital devices are used on the go nowadays. If you’re outside, wearing sunglasses to look at your cell phone or tablet is nothing out of the ordinary. Indoors is slightly different. There is a common sentiment that wearing sunglasses indoors is anything but chic. I’ve found however that that no one will begrudge you comfort when it comes to your eyes if you actually suffer from screen glare. I’ve worked in an office environment that actually recommended sunglasses for employees spending more than two hours a day on the computer. Everyone wore them, and no fashion lines were crossed.
So don’t let anything stop you from maintaining your comfort level in the digital age. If you can be safer and happier by wearing sunglasses to look at digital screens, why not give it a try?
 *Vision Council Study: Keeping your Eyes Safe in the Digital Age

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