Sunglasses: Not Just a Fashion Statement

Sunglasses have long been seen as a fashion statement. While it is important to look good when you are facing a sunny day, it is even more important to protect your eyes from UV (ultraviolet) radiation. The two rays, UV-A and UV-B,  can cause serious damage to your retinas when your eyes are exposed to them.  This is why you want to make sure you find not only the best looking sunglasses, but also the most effective when it comes to protecting your eyes from eye disease and subsequent damage.


What to look for?


UV Protection: When buying sunglasses for UV Protection, you want to make sure the label says UV 400 or 100% UV Protection. These labels let you know that the sunglasses have a protection from 400 nanometers UVA and UVB.  Do not assume that your dark lenses naturally offer UV ray protection.

Lenses: There are a wide variety of lenses and tint colors you can choose from. A Polycarbonate lens is both lightweight and durable. CR-39 is a plastic used in most prescription eyeglasses. Glass is a durable, yet heavy option.

Tints: The colors of sunglasses lenses not only look great, according to your personal tastes, but they absorb light in different ways. Amber tints help to reduce glare. Rose lenses are good for contrast when looking at objects that are against backgrounds that are green or blue. Gray is helpful for reducing brightness. Yellow reduces haze, but causes a bit of color distortion.

Size does matter:  Even though you may like the look of smaller lenses, you want to make sure the lenses fit your face, while covering your eyes. You don’t need huge movie star lenses that take up half of your face, but you do need to make sure your lenses keep UV rays from reflecting onto your pupil.

Quality and Price: A good pair of sunglasses is not disposable. With that thought in mind, take a little time to look over the kind of quality you want. You eyes are worth a small investment to insure they are well protected

This does not mean you will need to break the bank to afford quality sunglasses. It does mean you should be aware of who you buy them from.  Buy them from a trusted sunglasses retailer, who can answer your questions about the best eye protection for your needs.


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