Sunglasses for the Water Enthusiast

Love fishing and spending countless hours in a boat staring endlessly into the depths below patiently waiting a nibble on the line?  How about spending a beautiful sunny day paddling the kayak past breathtaking shores in search of an undiscovered bay and the treasures it holds? Have you experienced the heartache of your adventure being cut short because of leaving home without the one item that brings protection, ease, and an element of cool?  There is nothing more frustrating than spending your day on the waves squinting away the blinding glare reflecting back at you from an ocean of blue.  Having your favorite pair of Sunglasses ensures extended hours of enjoyment and important protection from damaging Ultraviolet rays.

It is common knowledge that continued exposure to the sun and ultraviolet radiation has damaging effects to the skin. It can also cause harm to unprotected eyes resulting in immediate short-lived pain as well as long-term, cumulative effects of irreversible damage.  Inflammatory reactions of overexposure can result in Photokeratitis – inflammation of the cornea, and Photoconjunctivitis – inflammation of the conjunctiva or white part of the eye.  Symptoms include pain, burning, and itchiness similar to a sunburn.  Permanent and more serious damage to the eyes can result in partial or complete vision loss.  Cataracts, which is the clouding of the cornea, is also the leading cause of adult blindness.  Surgery to replace the lens of the eye can sometimes clear the blurry, foggy vision. Almost 20% of cases have been found to be caused by an overexposure to sunlight. Macular Degeneration affects the center of the retina resulting in blindness of direct sight allowing the ability to see from only the peripheral vision.  Pterygium is an overgrowth when the membrane of the white part of the eye into the cornea which can impair sight. It requires surgical removal but often times can return.

The sun’s ultraviolet radiation intensifies when reflected off bright surfaces like water. In fact, it can increase exposure by almost 25%.  It is essential to protect the eyes when spending any time on the water.  Polarized lenses greatly decrease sunlight reflection and diminish glare. These are especially popular with anglers as a clearer, defined vision allows sight into the water to see below the surface.  Wraparound frames offer a firm but comfortable fit ensuring they won’t slip off in wet or windy conditions. Additional protection is offered by preventing rays reaching the eye from below and the sides of the face as well as covering the sensitive skin of the corners of the eyelids.

Why not protect your peepers with a pair of our high quality eyewear? Check out our line of Polarized and Sport Sunglasses designed for the Active Water Sport Enthusiast.  The Polarized Element 8 offers UV400 protection for maximum glare reduction and Polycarbonate shatterproof lenses. Also available in children’s sizes!  How about a pair of Plastic Sport in a wraparound, durable, lightweight frame in a variety of colors. 

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