Sunglasses for Children

A beautiful day at the park.  The sky is blue, the breeze is warm and a picnic is packed.  What a picture perfect moment for the family.

But is there something missing?

Sunscreen for everyone?  Check.  Balls and sand toys for the kids?  Check.  Sunglasses for mom and dad?  Check.  How about sunglasses for the kids, too?

Children’s eyes deserve protection from the sun’s rays.  Sunglasses are more than fashionable and are more than keeping the glare out.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun cause damage over time to our eyes.  Unless eyes are properly protected, cataracts can form from harsh sun exposure.  So why not protect your children’s eyes from the start?  Prevention is key!
With flexible and colorful frames to match your child’s special personality.  Most importantly, though, is the UVA/UVB protection that is so critical.

Enjoy that family day at the park safely!

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