Four Steps to Sunglass Success

Have you ever gone outside on a sunny day and forgotten your sunglasses?  It’s not a comfortable feeling.  You realize at once that sunglasses are not simply a fashion accessory.  They can be a necessity.

Sunglasses come in a variety of styles, prices, and colors.  They vary widely in quality.  So how does one choose the proper sunglasses?  Here are some tips to make sure you get the eyewear that is right for you:

Lens quality.  First, you should consider the quality of the lenses.  High quality sunglass lenses offer complete or nearly-complete protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation.  High quality lenses can eliminate glare and ensure optimum vision.  You cannot tell how much UV protection a pair of sunglasses will provide by their price, color, or by the darkness of the lenses high quality lenses are scratch-resistant.  Many are made of polycarbonate materials that are resistant to breakage, making them ideal for athletes.

Style.  The trick to choosing an appropriate style or model of sunglasses is to follow your instincts.  No one else knows your desires, interests, and moods better than you.  Just remember that sunglasses make a statement about who you are.  And with summer outdoor activities just around the corner, a lot of people will see you make that statement.  Whether you want to go Hollywood or go Burka, it’s up to you.  Your sunglasses will set the tone.

Color.  The color of lenses and frames is part of their style, of course, but it’s important to keep in mind that people react to color in different ways.  For example, color studies show that yellow has a higher emotional value for the men than women, and that men prefer blue to red and women red to blue.  Men are generally more tolerant toward solid colors than women, who seem to have more flexible and diverse tastes.  There are also cultural differences, with some groups preferring brighter colors.

Price.  Finally and obviously, price is an important consideration in purchasing sunglasses.  Affordability does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality.  Look for a balance between the price and the quality.

Mass Vision offers everything you need in sunglasses: a wide variety of frames and lenses in the hottest styles and colors that offer the maximum comfort and durability, high-quality lenses to protect your vision, and affordable prices.

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