Shades for Babys

You wouldn’t think of taking your infant out with his tender bare skin exposed to the summer sun. Just as young skin is more easily sunburned your baby’s eyes need first-rate protection from the sun’s rays too. Your baby will be learning how to use his eyes for the first three years of his life so it’s especially important to take good care of them while his vision develops. Some eye diseases have been linked to overexposure to sun over a lifetime so teach your children from the cradle that eye protection is standard equipment for outdoor summer fun.

Light-colored eyes are particularly susceptible to sun damage. If you baby is tearing or if he squints maybe he’s asking for a baby-sized pair of sunglasses. You’ll need to shop for them using some of the same criteria as when you shop for yourself but there are some particular considerations too.

* Look for lenses that offer 100% UV protection, if the sun’s rays strain your eyes imagine what they do to Junior’s.

* Kids drop and throw things and take more than a few falls before mastering the fine art of perambulation so look for shatter-resistant materials, especially in the lenses.

* Everything eventually ends up in the little guys’ mouths so investigate toxicity, avoiding BPA’s or any applied color that can chip or flake.

* Check the fit carefully for comfort. He won’t keep them on if they squeeze or slip.

* Never too young for fashion! Baby will be more eye-protection compliant if his sunglasses have fun colors and designs like animal shapes and the like. Attention equals positive reinforcement so even a miniature version of Mom and Dad’s trendy specs will make the little darling want to be seen in them if  they make him look still more darling causing strangers to stop and coo.

* Buy multiple pairs. You will always have spares on hand in case he buries them in the sand while you’re napping on the beach or flushes them down the toilet in the changing house. This will also give you the opportunity to mix and match with his outfits.

* Lead by example. Always wear your shades in the sun and talk about how much better your eyes feel when they’re protected.

* Always follow your pediatrician’s recommended schedule for eye exams and be sure Baby’s healthy diet is not neglecting to feed his eyes.

* Enjoy lots of fresh air and sunshine with your baby.

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