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barcelona6-2011430According to the U.S. Travel Association, domestic and international travelers spend an average of $2 billion per day in the United States.  That is a lot of traveling!  The natural outcome of so much traveling is that the traveler’s need for sunglasses is high due to their constant movement in and out of doors.  However, the traveler’s navigation through unfamiliar locations and situations results in a higher chance of losing their sunglasses.  In fact, the Vision Council reports that 55% of adults in the United States break or lose their sunglasses every year.  This is good news for the retailer, especially those who are able to offer a low cost, yet fashionable, replacement option.

Regardless of what the retailer’s primary product is, a prominent and accessible display of sunglasses is an invaluable service to those travelers who are far from home, unfamiliar with shopping options in the area, and need protection for their eyes.  A display that is close to the checkout register is a must for those retailers interested in capitalizing on every inch of their retail space.

In situations where the space around the register is limited, the merchant may have to limit their sunglass choices to those that are the most popular with the most people.  The two most popular styles of sunglasses are Wayfarers and Aviators.  Perennial favorites of men and women, a display with these two choices will likely meet the need of most every traveler who has lost their own sunglasses.  The sophisticated Wayfarer will suit the business traveler, while the sporty Aviator will satisfy the recreational traveler.   Moreover, because most travelers need sophistication and sportiness, they may buy one of each!

Also, do not forget to offer children’s sunglasses.  Eye protection is just as important for the child traveler as it is for the adult.  Fortunately, the choices in children’s sunglasses are extensive, and even include Wayfarers and Aviators.

Finally, what about the traveler who wears prescription glasses, but has forgotten or misplaced their prescription sunglasses?  Clip-ons or fit overs are the choice for them.

Sunglasses are an important component of eye health.  Because UV damage to the eyes cannot be reversed, losing one’s sunglasses when traveling is not only an inconvenience, but is also a health hazard. When providing a display of sunglasses, thoughtfully considering the needs of the traveler provides an opportunity to serve as well as an opportunity for profit.

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