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xloop-sunglasses-2280It’s the beginning of a new year and resolutions have been set with the primary one on everyone’s list being to go to the gym and lost a little bit of weight – after all, bikini season is right around the corner. However, with this being a popular goal, the gym becomes annoyingly crowded with herd of people whom, as studies show, will mostly likely quit after a 2 month effort.  That is a great deal of time for someone who is an avid fitness junkie, therefore, alternative ways of working out (running outside, hiking, brisk walks, etc.) are a must.

Yes, unless the warm parts of the west coast or down south are in play, the frigid temperatures are more of deterrent to working out outside, however, with the right gear, it’s surprisingly refreshing. A pivotal part of the right gear includes a pair of sport sunglasses – an accessory often neglected by those of who live in the cooler climates. Just as important as the endorphins released during exercising are to a stable emotional well being and the right amount of layers are to sustaining the cold; the Plastic Sport eyewear collection acts as an important protective layer to your eyes against the harmful effects of UVA rays.

No, these are not only for men – just as men are not the only ones that are outdoorsy. In fact, sunglasses, according to Web MD and recommended by Matthew Hoffman, MD, a leading cause of wrinkles (above smoking or lack of sleep) is sun exposure. Therefore, it goes without saying, that sunglasses should be a constant go-to accessory no matter the activity level outside. However, since exercising outside will naturally require being more vigilant (aka squinting to assure for safe footing) and prolonged period of sun exposure, a pair of Plastic Sport are crucial to the regiment. So, while working on that bikini body, insist on being a shady lady. After all, a pair of sunglasses is far less expensive than a face lift.

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    Wearing sunglasses is fashion and can also be healthy. You can protect your eyelids from potential skin cancer.


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