Planning for Winter Vacation – Don’t Forget Your Sunglasses

As winter is just around the corner, many of us are planning for vacation to warm and tropical places. If you are one of them, on your list of important things to pack, never forget to pack your favorite sunglasses. Make sure to carry sunglasses with good UV-A or UV-B protection. Try using polarized lenses, which will be useful to you in all conditions.

Your favorite sunglasses are going to come useful in every situation during your vacation. If you are planning a beach vacation, you might want to choose a pair of glasses that complements each of your beachwear, as you will be carrying many pairs. A pair of over-sized Sunglasses from DG  or a pair of classic bold white wayfarer shades would be just the perfect fit as you move around soaking up the sun.

Your classic white wayfarer sunglasses may compliment the outfit you want to wear during shopping to the local market to buy some nice gifts at reasonable prices. Even though you would like to dress to kill, however, it may be a long busy day shopping in the sun, and you might decide to dress in a pair of shorts and tees. A simple pair of aviators’ glasses that protects your eyes from the sun may be a good idea.

During vacation, you may want to get involved in adventure activities like biking in the mountains, river rafting or surfing. Since all these activities will be taking place under the scorching sun, you might need a pair of stylish sporty shades to protect your eyes from potential impact like dust coming into your eyes, light reflected from the surface, and most importantly the UV ray. So relax and enjoy your vacation with some cool pair of sunglasses.

As you make your journey back home after vacation, where you need to forget your vacation fantasies and brave the cold of winter. You might think that cold weather and cloudy skies mean that you do not need eye protection, but that is a wrong concept.

Even in cold weather, protection of your eyes is necessary. Severe sunburn may occur during winter, where the sunlight reflects off the surface, or in overcast condition, when we do not realize that UV-A and UV-B rays might affect us.

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  1. John says:

    This is great advice and exactly what I was looking for at the moment. Thank you for taking the time to explain the importance of shades during vacation… as I believe lots of people completely ignore this basic tips.

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