Male or Female? Sunglasses Have No Gender!


Male_and_female_model_wearing_sunglasses_-_back_to_back_smallIf you are still living in the days where women wore puffy dresses and cleaned the house while men went off to work in their suit and tie, carrying a briefcase, it is time for you to start living in present times.  Men and women are becoming more and more equal, and this doesn’t just stop with lifestyles. Fashion is overlapping!  Boys are wearing skinny jeans, and women are wearing men’s sweaters and fedoras.  But why stop there?  Sunglasses are the next big trend in “the clashing of genders!”

Let’s take a well-known style such as the aviator. They were originally created around the 1930’s for military pilots, with a tempered lens to block out harmful sun rays.  Back then, what gender made up the military?  Men!  That’s right.  Men were the original wearers of the very popular aviator.  When Ray-Ban branded these glasses, they began making more colors and shapes to please everyone’s style.  What they didn’t expect was the growing popularity among women. Hollywood helped shape their look.  A tough, hard edge personality oozed from everyone who wore them. And women, becoming more independent and stepping away from their fragile appearance began to give them a try.  Now, you can’t walk down the street without seeing men and women alike wearing aviators.

Another style that is becoming popular in both men and women are the wayfarer sunglasses.  Made popular by the Blues Brothers and other iconic stars, these simple sunglasses became a fashion trend for men.  Their sleek, simple design has gone in and out of style numerous times in the past two decades, but they are making a comeback for both men and women.  Some bigger stars such as Kristen Stewart and Reese Witherspoon can be seen sporting this look that was once considered manly.

Everything has its history, and it is no different with sunglasses.  Some trends never die, and some go away faster than they showed up.  But, no matter what the trend, there will always be changes in who wears what.  Even for clothing. It happens all the time.  Men and women are constantly sharing fashion trends, so why should sunglasses be any different?  Let the gender clash continue!

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