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Move over grown ups.  These days’ kids too want to stay tuned with the latest fashion trends! Sunglass designers are recognizing the increased popularity of parents wanting to make their kids look more fashionable.  More important than kids looking good are to make sure their young eyes are being protected from the UV rays of the sun.  Children spend a lot of time outdoors so maximum protection is a must!  At Mass Vision we offer more than 50 different styles of boys and girl sunglasses at wholesale pricing.

Selling children’s sunglasses at your retail outlet is a must.  Too often retailers emphasize adult sunglasses leaving the kids out and ultimately losing a sale.  I have sold sunglasses at festivals and the malls for the last ten years. At least 75% of the time kid’s are with their parents.  One trick I use is to offer a deal like three pairs for $20.  If I did not offer that deal I would probably only sell one or two pairs to the adults and the kids would be left out.  If the parents have a heart and do not want their kids left out usually they will pass all together.  Offering deals like three pairs for $20 brings the family together and almost always will bring a sale.  All of the customer service staff at Mass Vision has extensive retail experience.  Please call us any time with questions you may have to help improve your sunglass sales.

Children’s sunglasses we offer online are loaded with unique designs, colors and styles.  For the girls we offer pinks and purple’s, butterfly’s and flowers as well as one piece vogue style’s.  For the boy’s we offer sport styles that are great for baseball, hiking and bike riding.  Our boy’s sunglasses are inspired by popular expensive brand names.  Our wholesale kid’s sunglasses are made of durable plastic and polycarbonate shatter proof lenses.  All of the lenses have UV400 maximum protection.  Shop Mass Vision today for a huge selection of wholesale kid’s sunglasses!

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