Fit Over Sunglasses

Fit Over sunglasses are one of the most useful and versatile forms of eyewear, especially if you:

  • are an outdoor sports enthusiast
  • or a nature lover
  • need a little extra protection from the sun
  • are sensitive to light and glare
  • had recent eye surgery
  • are looking for value in eyewear

Fit Over sunglasses are worn over your prescription eyeglasses.  They are a cost-effective alternative to prescription sunglasses or contact lenses and sunglasses.  They protect you from harmful ultraviolet sun rays while you work, play, or drive.

Fit Over sunglasses normally will not slip or fog up while you exercise, as regular sunglasses may.  Wraparound styles and side sun shields protect your peripheral vision from sun glare.  This can be very important for summer playground basketball players, winter snow skiers, joggers in high traffic areas, and those recovering from eye surgery, as well as telephone line repairers and other workers and individuals who can benefit from enhanced peripheral vision.  Why risk not seeing a turning car while you run?  Why take a chance on getting snow blindness when you ski?  Do you wear prescription transitional lenses that are not dark enough while driving?  Fit Overs are the solution.

These are not you father’s clunky safety glasses or the boxy spectacles your grandmother wore after cataract surgery.  Mass Vision offers fashionable styles of Fit Overs with polarized or driving lenses to match your personality, mood, lifestyle, and need.  They are lightweight and fit comfortably over your regular glasses.  Mass Vision’s Fit Overs have high quality lenses that should not cause vision impairments like lesser quality lenses may.

Mass Vision is one of the oldest and most experienced sunglass distributors in business.  We are totally dedicated to our customers, from personalized service to prompt shipping to low prices.  Above all, we are dedicated to enhancing your style and confidence.

Wholesale Fit Over sunglasses from Mass Vision are a sensible, convenient, and affordable way to protect your eyes.


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