Fantasy Summer Sunglasses

The water is as blue as the clear sky overhead. The sand is soft between your toes as you step onto the beach. The sun is warm against your skin and you know a beautiful tan is on the horizon. There are a few others that surround you, but as your slip on your sunglasses your surroundings fade. You realize that summer is here and your dream of that perfect escape has been actualized.

The winter season has thawed. The beautiful glimpse of sun and feeling of warmth have arrived. It feels like just yesterday that you were bundled up and wishing for a glimmer of sunshine and a nice warm breeze. As the weather changes, it is understood that so must you. You have been in the gym getting that beach body ready, shopped for the newest summer fashions, and started planning that perfect getaway. But you may have forgotten the must have item for the summer of your dreams. If sunglasses are not on your list, or not already on your soon to be tanner face, it is time to get shopping.

Even though sunglasses are recommended for wear all year round, there is a certain feeling that sunglasses elicit when wearing them in the summer months. Maybe it is the shining sun that beams down on your fair winter weather skin. Maybe it is the heat that is finally making its presence. Maybe it is the pairing of your new fabulous body with your new fabulous sunglasses. Or maybe it is simply that sunglasses are the ying to your summer yang. Whatever it is, you cannot live out your summer fantasies without your fantasy summer sunglasses.

Pair your aviator style sunglasses with your hot pink swim suit. Stay classy by pairing your cat eye sunglasses with your floral sundress. Jump back in time by pairing your retro sunglasses with cut off shorts. Whatever way you spin it, sunglasses are a must. They top off your outfit like a cherry on top off a delicious sundae. But of course your no longer indulging in those at the moment, so think of yourself a the dessert and the sunglasses as the cherry on top, finishing off what is already perfection.

So dive into summer. Take a leap in to fashion. Be bold. Be exciting. Be individual. And never forget that none of this can truly be done without the proper pair of sunglasses.

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  1. Eyeglasses says:

    I enjoy the article. Tips given here to combine sunglasses with dress color are simply awesome. I always feel that same sunglass doesn’t go with all the dresses. After reading it, I feel very happy as my assumption is right. Thanks for sharing.

  2. athena says:

    I love the way you compare sunglasses with cherries. Sunglasses truly completes anyone’s outfit. Since sunglasses will be noticed first, it should be an eye candy; something that will add up an aura to your personality. Attitude paired with nice wardrobe and and accessories are total turn on. :)

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