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It’s no secret that Oakley sunglasses are the most popular sought after brand of sunglasses on the market.  The technology Oakley uses in their lenses and frames are superior to any other sunglass brand.  Match the Oakley technology with their cutting edge styles and you get an incredible pair of sunglasses!  Unlike other designer brands, purchasing a pair of Oakley’s  will get you more than a designer name, you will get quality, style and technology.

As with any popular designer brand counterfeiting is always a problem.  Fake Oakley sunglasses are made in China and brought into the US to be sold as legitimate Oakley’s in retail settings such as online stores, flea markets and souvenir shops in tourist cities.  There are a number of ways to spot fake Oakley sunglasses but rather than stress if the sunglasses are legate I would recommend only buying them from a reputable authorized Oakley dealer.  You are going to pay at least $100 per pair (which is well worth it) so make sure your Oakley sunglasses are not fake by shopping at a trusted source.

It is understandable if you cannot afford to shell out over $100 for a pair of shades.  Luckily you have other options that will save you money and still get you a great pair of sport sunglasses.  Mass Vision offers their own line of sport sunglasses called Element 8.  Element 8 is a designer brand that offers many incredible styles at wholesale pricing.  Mass Vision is a wholesaler which means everything you purchase is by the dozen.  The Element 8 sunglasses wholesale for $28 per dozen!  That is only $2.33 per pair!  You will only find this deal online.  If you choose to purchase an element 8 style from a mall retailer you will pay around $15 per pair (still a great deal).

Many people choose to purchase a nice pair of Oakley sunglasses as well as a couple pair of less expensive sunglasses such as an Element 8 brand.  It’s funny, when I speak to customers they complain about losing their expensive Oakley sunglasses within a month but somehow holding onto their cheap sunglasses for over a year.  If buying a pair of Oakley sunglasses is within your means then go for it.  Please avoid “fakes” by shopping smart.

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