DG Mix Dozen Sunglasses

Few aspects of fashion have much utilitarian value. It is difficult, especially in today’s society, to justify spending obscene amounts of money on over sized cocktail rings or diamond-encrusted earrings which have no real use. Besides, with summer coming on strong already, on the heels of mild and sunny winter and spring seasons, now is the best time to put away heavy jewelry and to stock up on sunglasses. Fortunately for those with discerning tastes, DG Sunglasses manage to be beneficial, stylish, and reasonably priced all at the same time.

Of course, sunglasses have the simple attribute of keeping one’s eyesight intact and healthy when out in bright sunlight. Yet practicality should not have to mean sacrificing a sense of personal style, and DG has recognized that. All DG lenses offer UV400 protection, along with a variety of frame styles. These include the larger rounded look immortalized by Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. One of the highest selling pairs are of this type, thick-framed and black, with the DG logo intertwined in classy silver letters at the sides.  This pair also comes in a fiery red-and-black tortoiseshell.

Another popular example is the unisex classic, the aviator frame. Some aviators are sweetened up with pastel colored frames in lavender or light blue, but others exhibit the characteristic metallic gleam. On the aviators, the DG logo is fashionably understated at the upper corner of one lens.

Another high-selling style is small and rectangular with no frames and rounded edges. The lenses come in a rainbow of colors, from blue to pink to slate grey.

Whether dappled in tortoiseshell patterns or studded with rhinestones, all DG Sunglasses embody haute couture looks at honest and fair prices. For between twenty-five and thirty-five dollars, the customers receive a dozen pairs of whatever style they may choose, and in the wide spectrum of colors that particular style comes in. Plus, if customers have a hard time picking just one style (and who could blame them?), DG offers their DG Mix, an assortment of twelve of its bestselling styles in myriad colors. While this system works out perfectly for the serious sunglasses aficionados, it is also an ideal wholesale arrangement for any retailer looking to stock sensible and eye-catching eye wear.

Purchasing sunglasses does not have to be a hassle or a bank-breaking prospect. Buying DG Sunglasses makes the process both affordable and exciting.

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