Choosing a Pair of Sunglasses – What Are Your Options?

When you are planning to choose a new pair of sunglasses, how many options do you really have? You might be thinking “big or small, colored or plain, square or round…” Actually, there are lots of other things to take into consideration, such as who the sunglasses are for, where and when they will be worn, what materials they are made out of, and if they will need to serve purposes other than light-blocking. All of this should be decided before even thinking about the shape, size and color of the glasses, if the perfect pair is to be singled out.

Sunglasses have come a long way, and they can be worn by everyone and anyone. You can get them for men, women, and children. They are even available for different uses beyond the normal day-to-day. The glasses can be made more heavy-duty, for sports activities, or with prescription lenses so that people with poor vision can still enjoy protection from the sun. There is also quite a wide variety of novelty type sunglasses, from ‘Night Club Shades,’ which are transparent but also offer UV protection, to the always popular ‘Shutter Shades,’ which have shutter-like bars across the lenses. There are several types of materials used for the various parts of a pair of sunglasses. The frames can be plastic or metal, and the lenses can be made of plastic, glass, or special polarized material. Sunglasses can have plain, mirrored, gradient or colored lenses. You can even choose from all sorts of different colors and prints for the frames.

Design specifics aside, it’s always a good idea to pick the right frame shape for the wearer’s facial structure. There are basically four types of face shape: round, square, oval and heart. Creating a balance between the shape of the face and the shape of the glasses is the idea here. If your face is round, you would look for angular, sharp-edged frames. With a square face, you would want round or curved frames. To echo the appearance of a heart shaped face, look for frames that are wider at the top edge and narrower toward the bottom. Oval is the only face shape that can wear any shape of frames, and still look proportioned.

If you choose carefully, you can have a pair of sunglasses that last you for many years, and will be worn for all types of occasions. Even better, you can use these same guidelines to pick out a perfect gift. Anyone would enjoy having sunglasses that are perfectly suited to them. In fact, you might need to grab more than just one pair…

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