Can Sunglasses Make Geeks Cooler?

img-thingIt is no surprise that throughout the years, geeks have been portrayed in media and on TV as fairly ‘uncool’, bringing the image of someone who spends all of his or her time in front of a computer, wearing clothes that do not follow the latest fashion, and not going out much.  But today, the geeks culture has evolved tremendously.  A lot of people use computers and the Internet, so the meaning of that word has been blurred.  There are more geeks than jocks, and it is up to us to change the traditional image of the geek.  One important part of any outfit is eyewear, more precisely, sunglasses.  So the natural question is this: Can sunglasses make geeks cooler? This is more than a simple yes or no question, since sunglasses come in many models and for many purposes.

The basic idea behind sunglasses is to block the sun, but many people use them for another purpose, which is improving their looks.  So it is no surprise that modern glasses have all sorts of distinctive looks in order to fit with any type of outfit. The problem most geeks have is that they require reading glasses, but that can be solved thanks to eye lenses.  Or, if you still want to wear glasses, recent technologies allow us to merge a typical pair of reading glasses along with trendy sunglasses.  So the problem of having to see well is solved using one of these two ways.  But even if you can wear those sunglasses, will you look cooler? That depends on the rest of your outfit.

Fashion is never about a single piece of clothing, it usually is about the overall look that somebody is showing.  So simply adding a pair of sunglasses to a badly designed outfit won’t help much.  However, when coupled with a great outfit, then there is no doubt that these eyewears can improve someone’s look by a lot.  Sunglasses are used by movie stars, celebrities, and everyone who wants to look cool, regardless if they are actually in the sun or not. This is why they have become such a fashion icon. So picking the right model and pair can make or break any look, and this includes geeks.  So do not worry any longer, your profession or passion of all things geeky will not prevent you from looking cool, thanks to fashion sunglasses.

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