3 Reasons Why Wayfarer Sunglasses Will Never Go out of Style


macaKeeping up with current fashion trends is always a challenge. And it will always be a challenge.

Trends are always changing. That’s the problem. That’s why they call them trends. Forget about staying ahead of the next trend. It’s difficult enough to just stay current.

To make matters worse, most people want to keep up with fashion trends, but they also want to express their individual style. That makes their choice in sunglasses a personal challenge.

Your problem is to balance your customer’s need to be fashionable with their desire to be unique.

The Fashion Choice Is Yours

You have hundreds of options to choose from when purchasing wholesale sunglasses. If you pick the right style, they will fly off the shelf. Choose the wrong style and you’re stuck with merchandise that won’t move.

The 3 Reasons Wayfarer Sunglasses Will Never Go out of Style

1. Wayfarers Sunglasses Are a Part of Our Culture

Originally designed in 1952, wayfarer sunglasses made an instant splash in popular culture. Movie stars, celebrities, musicians, and artists made the wayfarer style a part of their “look.”

When people saw their idols in movies and in magazines, they quickly fell in love with the wayfarer look. It didn’t take long for wayfarer sunglasses to become a popular culture icon. More than 60 years later, their iconic style shows no sign of fading in popularity.

2. Wayfarer Sunglasses Are Cool

There is no other way to say it. Wayfarer sunglasses are just cool.

When you put on a pair, you get instant cool points. You feel cool. You act cool. And people think you’re cool. There is no other style of sunglasses that has such a dramatic impact on the way the wearer feels.

3. Wayfarer Sunglasses Let the Wearer Express Their Personal Style

Thanks to the modernization of the wayfarer style, basic black is no longer the only option. Everyone can choose from a variety of fresh colors and accents that match their personal style.

Make It Easy on Yourself, Choose Wayfarers

Choose wayfarer sunglasses. Your customers will.

Mass Vision Wholesale Sunglasses offers more than 48 different styles of wayfarer sunglasses. From the original classic black to colorful tie-dye patterns, we can say with confidence that we have a style for everyone. We also sell children’s versions.

So forget fashion trends that come and go.

Offer your customers the eternal classic style of wayfarer sunglasses from Mass Vision Wholesale Sunglasses.








RealTree Camouflage Sunglasses

56025cmpolMany hunters find it hard to find the best sunglasses. They need a pair that not only protect their eyes from the sun, but ones that fight glare, and are strong and sweat proof. Look no further than the RealTree Camouflage sunglasses as your next pair on your next hunt. These glasses are not just great to look and easy to wear; they are strong and extremely durable.

Get total protection from the sun while sizing up your shot with these great sunglasses. You’ll get complete prevention of UV rays and glare so you’ll see everything clearly and crisply. Night vision lenses are also available for dusk and dawn.  Technology built into the lenses will help with your body’s rhythms to keep you balanced and relaxed during every stage of your hunt. These sunglasses are almost impossible to hurt, crack, or destroy wherever you go with lines that also look great.

The shape of the lenses have a purpose as well and are shaped for less distortion while helping to eliminate eye fatigue and ache. This means you can be outside as long as you wish without your most important hunting feature wearing out. All the protection and advantages of these lenses will not wear down the longer you own them. It is virtually guaranteed to last as long as you have your sunglasses.

2353-2723Great rubber tips and nose pieces provide more than great grip. The longer you’re outside and when you sweat, technology inside the rubber will continue to hold on tight. Get the RealTree Camouflage sunglasses and rest assured that the hunt will be the only thing on your mind.

We have not forgotten about the women either.  Check out our pink camouflage sunglasses with rhinestones!

How to Select the Right Sunglasses that Suit your Face

faceSunglasses are not just a fashion accessory but also a necessity for people working outdoors. However, selecting the right sunglasses that suit your face can be a daunting task for many people. To determine the right frames of sunglasses, you need to know the shape of your face. Faces are classified into seven shapes: oval, diamond, oblong, round, square, triangle, and inverted triangle. While choosing the right frame of sunglasses, the fundamental rule is to select the frame with a contrasting shape. For example, people with round faces should opt for angular sunglasses having narrow frames. This will help in concealing their round face. Perhaps, the round face may look a bit longer with narrow frames.

Another important aspect is the size of sunglasses. Are you someone with a small face? In that case, avoid buying sunglasses with large frames; they will be quite intimidating on your face. Select a frame that suits the size of your face. In general, we recommend rimless frames for people with diamond-shaped faces. On the other hand, people with oval faces can prefer buying square frames of sunglasses. Do you have a triangle shaped face? Then, flaunt colorful frames with straight cut.
Size and shape of your face may be important factors, but you cannot afford to ignore your skin tone and hair color. Select a frame that suits your skin tone and hair color. People with brown skin tone should prefer buying frames having off-white or copper frames. People with pinkish white skin tone look great in frames of black and dark blue hues.

There are many factors you need to consider while buying sunglasses: fit, comfort, design, appeal, and protection. A great pair of sunglasses is the one that suits your face and prevents your eyes from being exposed to harmful ultraviolet sunrays. Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory, they accentuate your face and brighten your appearance. Ensure that you buy sunglasses having scratch-resistant lenses.

Although shape and size of your face are important parameters for selection, you should not forget about your facial features. Do not be influenced by a celebrity endorsing a particular brand of sunglasses. Always select a pair of sunglasses that bring balance to your face. Can you imagine how terrible it is to see a person with delicate features sporting a large pair of sunglasses? Select a pair of sunglasses that accentuates your facial features.

Sunglasses Made for You


sunglasses-2Sunglasses are a great way to help protect your eyes from the sun. They are also a great way to enhance your overall appearance. But the thing is, which sunglasses are made for you?

There are a lot of sunglasses out there, each designed to satisfy the taste of folks who want to look good while adding some protection from the sun. These sunglasses could be made of metal or plastic, offer dark or light shades and so on.

There are also sunglasses that carry signature brands while there are imitation ones which of course cost cheaper. But the thing about cheaper sunglasses is their sturdiness and upkeep, some of which last shorter compared to the original brands available in the market.

The price to pay for original sunglasses may of course be steep, depending on the brand. There are the high end brands such as Ray Ban or Oakley, much of which are bought for capping of overall fashion looks.

In some countries such as the Philippines, there are locals who imitate such brands. And once you get to check them out, you can pretty much see the difference.

Initially they may look similar to the original ones, mostly costing about 10% of the original price. But once you hold them, you can feel the difference. Ideally it would be the quality and sometimes even the weight of the imitation sunglasses, something which perhaps contribute to their lack of life span once bought.

But then again, imitations were meant for the folks who are not well-off. Some buy imitations since it is the closest thing that they can functionally wear.

For others, brands take a backseat when all you need are sunglasses that protect your eyes from the prickly heat. And then of course, there are the issues of potential damage and the God-forbid idea of having these glasses stolen from you.

True enough, it is indeed disheartening to find out that much-coveted and high priced glasses being stolen or damaged after spending so much on them. Can you imagine accidentally sitting on them or leaving them irresponsibly anywhere you may end up going?

The fact of the matter is that buying branded quality sunglasses is more than just bragging ownership over them. There is a responsibility involved and this entails taking care of them as long as you can.

Sunglasses are made for everyone and surely, they are something that become part of a person’s everyday apparel when they step out into the world. But whether they are imitations or the real thing, the fact remains that sunglasses of any kind would still require a person’s proper care and upkeep if they want their pair to last for a long time and aid them functionally or fashionably.

Kids Need to Wear Sunglasses Too

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Kids Need to Wear Sunglasses Too

WebMD author Kathleen Doheny reports study findings that, “While 73% of adults do wear sunglasses, only 58% of them make their children wear shades too.”* It seems like adults are taking care of their own eyes on the beach and out playing in the snow but they don’t always think that their kids need to have the same protection for their growing eye tissues. UV exposure does have adverse effects on a child’s eyes especially if those young eyes are blue. Blue eyes have less pigment protection then do brown eyes and as a result they need even more care to preserve healthy eye tissues well into adulthood.

Cumulative Sun Expose

Most parents know that they need to protect their child’s delicate skin from damage and risk of cancer caused by sun exposure and sun burn by applying a sunscreen whenever their child is playing in direct sunlight. It is also important to remember to provide protection for the child’s eyes by providing UV-blocking sunglasses. If you add up all the hours that a child’s eyes are exposed to direct and damaging UV rays just counting the childhood to early adulthood it would total about 25% of a lifetime exposure. The development of cataracts and other eye problems later in life have been linked to excessive lifetime exposure of the eye to UV radiation. Parent can cut their child’s risk for eye problems later in life by providing sunglasses to protect their child’s eyes during the growing years.

UV and HEV Rays

Most of us know that the sun’s UV rays can cause harm to skin and eyes in adult and in children. It seems that studies now conclude that long term exposure to “blue light,” or HEV rays, “high-energy visible light rays, can also cause damage over time. Studies have found that the HEV rays can result in macular degeneration later in life. A child’s vision is more vulnerable to damage from HEV rays because the lens in a child’s eye is unable to filter out the HEV rays and this is especially true for young children. Parents can give their child a fighting chance for healthy eye tissue well into the adult years just by taking the simple step right now of giving their child sunglasses to wear and teaching them to wear them whenever they are out in the direct sunlight.

Transitional Lenses

Transitional lenses, also known as photochromic lenses, are eyeglass lenses that adapt to changes in light automatically. The simplicity of this invention originated in the 1960’s, though these transitional lenses have come a long way since then in construction, tint-degree and color options. And with 100% protection from harmful UV rays, eyeglasses that serve as both correction for your vision and as your signature shades are a no-brainer for many savvy consumers.
So who wears them and what’s the major appeal? For parents, arming one’s child with a pair of transitional lenses weighs heavy in the health benefit gained, especially with long-term use. Experts say that UV protection for the eyes, especially in one’s younger years, can have a significant impact on ocular health as we mature. From Macular Degeneration to cataracts—the leading cause of blindness—shielding delicate eyes from harmful UV exposure may be as crucial to preventing eye disease, as wearing sunscreen is to aiding in the prevention of skin cancer.

Adults are drawn to the convenience of transitional lenses. Generally, transitional lenses activate in approximately 1 to 2 minutes. However, the latest technology is yielding the best in the market with transition times of 22 to 28 seconds. Since the style options are virtually limitless, and the customization components ever-improving, many adults find the convenience of corrective eyewear, combined with the added bonus of “near instant sunglasses” in one pair of frames a very attractive package indeed.
So what’s the downside? Reviews show that they may not be ideal for car driving on sunny days, due to the fact that most cars effectively block UV light, hence the “darkening trigger” is not activated. However, emerging technologies are already combating this issue, with the implementation of a combination of photochromic and polarization methods. It has also been noted that the transitional properties of the lenses are affected by extremes in temperature, making the lenses darker in very cold weather than in hot climates. Though this may pose a problem for the die-hard skier or desert-trekker, most people agree that the benefits outweigh the occasional annoyance.

In summary, transitional lenses offer the best of both worlds to prescription eyeglass wearers who also enjoy rocking a killer pair of shades. It will be interesting to see what science and fashion have in store for this trend in the future.

Keeping your Sunglasses Clean

Sunglasses CleaningSunglasses give a beautiful look to young people. People are wearing sunglasses as it gives more style to them. It is very important to keep our sunglasses clean. Care should be taken while cleaning sunglassses so that cracks and breakage can be avoided. It is very important to keep our sunglasses clean. Advanced technology is used in the lenses of today’s sunglasses. The lenses used in sunglasses are very thin. The lenses in sunglasses are coated to protect from glare. It will be difficult to see through dirty sunglasses.
Uv rays are very harmful to human beings. Sunglasses give protection from uv rays. Sunglasses are very important for children and adults.

Tips for cleaning sunglasses

  • Sunglasses should be cleaned everyday.
  • Sunglasses can be cleaned by water. The water should be warm. Liquid can also be used for cleaning sun glasses. After washing with water and liquid, the sunglasses should be cleaned with cotton clothes.
  • The cotton clothes should be very clean. The clothes should free from dust particles.
  • Sunglass case is very important. After using sunglasses it should be kept in a sunglass case. So scratches or breakage of sunglasses can be avoided.
  • People can use eyeglass cleaner. It helps to remove dusts and fingerprints from sunglasses.
  • Damaged sunglasses should not be used. It can be serviced in the optical store.
  • Sponge should not be used for cleaning sunglasses. Since it can cause damage or scratches in sunglasses.
  • Sunglasses should be cleaned often when we have sweating in the body. The oil and acid from the sweating can damage the sunglasses.
  • Sunglasses are not exposed to heat for a long time. It can cause damage to lenses in the sunglasses
  • Problems such as loose screw or discoloration can be solved easily. The inspection of sunglasses should be done regularly. It helps to find out the mistakes in sunglasses.
  • Soft fabric material could be used for cleaning sunglasses.
  • While cleaning sunglasses notepads and frames should also be cleaned. Since oil and dust particles will present in this part.

People should remove sunglasses by using both hands with ear rails. It helps to maintain the shape of the sunglasses

It is very easy to protect our sunglasses. Little care can help to protect our sunglasses from dust, scratches and breakages. With proper care we can keep our sunglasses for long time with good shape and quality.

Sunglasses in Australia

Sunglasses-in-AustraliaThe great outback is not only known for kangaroos, but for their role in the history of sunglasses.  Australia ushered in the first official standards for shades on a national level. The sunglasses in this region are special made for the climate. Australia’s beautiful beaches and weather make it a perfect location to sport sunglasses. Whether surf’s up or backpacking in the wild, opportunities are abundant. With a high degree of exposure to sun and UV rays, many manufacturers have prospered. All major brands are available to Australian customers.
The sport brands are really popular in Australia. Brands similar to Oakley are worn frequently as there are many outside sports and activities that are part of the national culture. When surfing or sailing, protective sunglasses are needed for the wind and other weather. Australia is a continent that has most major cities on the coast. This means many people there spend their time near water and need sunglasses to block the sun’s reflections. In addition to the unique climate, these factors make a good recipe for local manufactures to sell their sunglasses. Some local brands include:
Sunshades Eyewear: A private company that supplies to Fiorelli, Mooks, Maxim, Voodoo Dolls, and Oroton which are all top Australian brands. 
AM Eyewear:   This manufacturer in Australia sells high end pairs around the globe. Their quality hand-made sunglasses can take up to 14hours. For a relatively young company that started in 2003, they have a significant presence in the Australian fashion scene. Their collection has over 20 styles for both men and women.
Holloway Eyewear: Another high end manufacturer based in Australia. They specialize in wooden sunglasses that are handmade and environmentally safe. These pricey shades might set your wallet back, but are of the best quality.
The brands above are made only in Australia, but sold globally. Like the US, Australia has access to almost all of the prominent brands. Its citizens enjoy many styles and choices to enjoy their sunny weather. Globally, sunglasses are always a staple in fashion. They will continue to be until the sun stops coming up in the morning (no pun intended). Next time you visit Australia, be sure to check out some of locally made brands and surf some waves.

Tips for Selling Sunglasses

2338570258_ae6dd1f700Today, sunglasses are considered as one of the most important fashion accessories for men and also for the ladies. The color of shades goes hand-in-hand with the clothes and other accessories worn by an individual. Therefore, selling sunglasses that are a perfect match has become a cumbersome task; especially with plenty of designs offered by different brands.
Right from the color of the sunglasses to the design and the metal used for it, everything should be exactly in place. Only then selling sunglasses becomes as simple as a child’s play.
Anyway, let’s come straight to the point and discuss some tips for selling sunglasses:

1. Study & Explore – Whether you’re a sunglasses company trying hard to sell or a marketer trying to make both ends meet, market study is crucial. Spend time to study what competitors are selling and what their strategies are.

Explore the market really well before venturing into sales. After all selling sunglasses is no different from selling any other product that’s high in demand. So study and explore very well!

2. The Product – By the product, we mean the type of sunglasses you want to sell. People buy sunglasses only that matches their persona. For that reason, ensure your product i.e. sunglasses are so well that they suit people of all ages.

Have multiple variants of the same design – give your target audience the choice to choose from. Besides that, be certain while selling sunglasses that your product is extremely dedicated yet long-lasting, fashionable yet affordable.

3. The Pricing – The most significant yet neglected factor for selling sunglasses. Price your product accordingly. Don’t inflate or deflate the prices just because the competition is doing something. For your product to sell in the market, your pricing has to be worth the product.

There’s this simple rule – sell the best products and charge accordingly, people will have no issue paying you the money. However, if possible come up with offers and discounts to rope in new buyers.

4. The Packaging – Great products come in great packages. Present your product in an interesting way. Just don’t wrap it in a plastic cover and sell. Instead use high-end packaging material. Spend some time and money on package design and material to make it appealing. It will be worth it at the end. Trust me!

With the above tips begin discussed; advertising and marketing techniques play a vital role in selling sunglasses as well. The better the techniques, more the number of sales can be recorded. So consider all the tips and start selling sunglasses now.

Rhinestone Bi-Focal Sunglasses

2185-2531You want to go to the beach? You want to go get a tan while you lay on your towel and read your favorite book? What happens when you are trying to read while tanning your back? The sun’s rays hit the pages of your book and blind you! Your eyes start watering, your head starts hurting, and, eventually, you give up trying to read and fall asleep. An hour later you wake up and you find you are as red as a lobster and your back is on fire. It is a sad story that happens to quite a few people who do not want to pay the price for a pair of sunglasses.
You have to stop and ask yourself, is it worth it to go through that situation (again for some of you readers)? I did not think so. Now, put yourself back into that situation picturing, instead, a pair of nice, stylish sunglasses. That is better right? You can read your book on your back and your stomach and not be blinded by the sun. But, wait! What is this? You discover you cannot read because you cannot see the words anyway! It just keeps getting worse and worse right?! You cannot use your sunglasses to not be blinded if you have to use your bifocals to read can you?!
Well, now you can! With bifocal sunglasses, that come in different strengths (just like reading glasses), you can have that stylish look of the sunglasses and still be able to read your book! But, you do not want that pronounced “bubble” on the bottom of your lens you say? Again, there is an answer for that! Invisible bifocal sunglasses, also known as no-line bifocal sunglasses, are extremely popular for those of you who do not want to give away your need for bifocals. Bifocal sunglasses, including the no-liners, can be bought over the counter or prescribed, depending on your preferences and needs. They come in many different styles and on some online ordering sites you can even choose different shapes and styles to get the exact pair (or very close to it) you have been dreaming of! You may be freaking out that you just got your new name brand glasses and now you cannot show them off to the fellow beach-goers! Ah, but that is where you are wrong! How about those rhinestone bifocal sunglasses?  Never fear, stylish, name bifocal sunglasses are here!

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