Warm or Cool, Colors Rule!


Colorful-Sunglasses Beyond the size or shape of the sunglasses, the color of the frames and lenses make a big impact on how good the sunglasses look. The right color depends upon the coloring of the individual’s hair and skin. The make-up and fashion clothing worlds deem people either “warm” or “cool” in their skin and hair color. Knowing the difference can make selecting the right sunglasses a snap.

People with warm skin and hair colors should stick with sunglasses frames that are gold, brown, most shades of green and other “earth tones.” These look terrific with their skin and hair color.

People who are “cool” should go with silver, black, navy, gray, primary colors, and clear, icy pastels to make their look pop.

Don’t just stop at frames. The colors of the lenses themselves can also be warm or cool, so a combination of brown-tinted lenses with a turquoise-colored frame can provide a warm-tone person with a punch of color. Or gray-tinted lenses with a sleek silver frame can look sophisticated on a cool-tone person.

To tell the difference between warm and cool is easier than what you might think. People with hair that is naturally red, strawberry blonde, or brown with red or gold natural highlights are obvious warm tones. People with hair that is naturally jet black, very dark brown, white blonde, salt-and-pepper, or silvery white are easy to spot as cool tones.

Still baffled? In natural light, draping different colors of fabric near the face (sans make-up, ladies) will tell the tale. Trying this in artificial light can trick your eyes. Skin blemishes and dark circles become more obvious near the wrong colors.

A warm person will look healthier and brighter in colors such as orange, brick red, chocolate brown and gold. A cool person looks ill and tired in these colors. Instead, try true white, black, bubblegum pink and navy. You’ll see the face perk up. Switch back and forth a few times and you will see the difference.

Some people’s coloring–warm or cool–can be difficult to tell, especially if they use hair coloring, bronzers or tanning agents. If you’re still uncertain, colors such as taupe, rosy brown, melon, medium turquoise, and off-white are pretty kind to either warm or cool skin tones. You could also go with a print that includes black and brown, for example, which would be favorable to either cool or warm, and with medium brown lenses.

Wholesale Sunglasses – The Most Profitable Way To Sell Sunglasses

woman-selling-sunglassesSelling sunglasses can be difficult due to profit margins set out by manufacturers and brands, however bypassing the “middle-man” by purchasing wholesale can make your business far more prosperous.
However big or small your business is, you can purchase wholesale lots of sunglasses very easily online. A quick search on Google brings up plenty of results, and almost every website offers very competitive prices. You can buy the glasses in various quantities, the prices obviously decreasing with bigger quantities. Some sites even offer perks, such as free display units when a certain number of units are ordered. These websites do not require you to prove that you are a business, meaning that the general public can also purchase these sunglasses and sell them for profit. This makes it very affordable to start up a small business selling sunglasses, and provides healthy and enticing profit margins.
There is a huge wealth of information about wholesale sunglasses on the internet, including thousands of local and international stores. It is essential that you ‘shop around’ to ensure that you find the best deal. Be warned, some sites have minimum order thresholds, so you may have to buy all of your glasses at once rather than in stages. Again, shopping around to find the store that meets your needs is essential.
Another way to make money with wholesale sunglasses is by becoming ‘the middle man’. If you have some capital, you can purchase large quantities of sunglasses and then sell them to shops or vendors for a small profit. Or, if you don’t have much capital, you can take orders from the stores or vendors and ask for some money upfront, and then purchase the sunglasses. This service is fail-safe, as you will only purchase the units when you have secured a sale. There are many other inventive things you can do with wholesale sunglasses. You could buy novelty sunglasses for your company picnic day, or even have a sunglasses party with your friends where you sell them the sunglasses for a small profit.
The possibilities are endless, so get searching for the best deal on wholesale sunglasses today!

Enhance your Travel with the Right Pair of Sunglasses


Too often, people write off sunglasses as a simple accessory or just something to make them “look cool”. While the visual appeal of sunglasses is one of their main selling points, don’t forget about the more practical aspects of sunglasses. Of course they are helpful for keeping your eyes protected from overbearing sunlight; however, did you know there are different types of sunglasses for different travel situations?

passport-sunglasses-and-map-amy-cicconiThe next time you take a business trip or go on vacation, make sure you have the right sunglasses for the place you will be visiting. For instance, if you are staying in a sunny locale but don’t want to miss out on the beautiful sights, consider picking up a pair of polarized sunglasses. These innovative shades will keep your eyes shielded while at the same time cutting down on things like glare from water or sand. This means polarized sunglasses are perfect if you are spending a weekend at the beach or taking the family on a lakefront camping trip.

If you’re into surfing, kayaking, or other extreme water sports, you know how easy it is to lose a pair of sunglasses in the water. When you’re traveling to the beach and plan on heading into the water, it’s a smart idea to bring a pair of sunglasses designed to stay on your head. Instead of the usual plastic frames that fit loosely behind your ear, special sunglasses designed for extreme water sports are fitted with elastic bands, keeping them in place and secure. If for some reason they do find their way into the water, they also have a high buoyancy to keep them afloat. You will look great, keep your eyes safe from the sun, and not have to worry about losing your shades to a turbulent wave.

For those who already wear prescription eye glasses and hoping to travel light, the perfect solution is clip-on sunglasses. These are tinted lenses that do not come in their own frame. Instead, they clip on to your eye glasses’ frame, transforming them into a pair of sunglasses. This is useful if you don’t want to worry about keeping track of two pairs of glasses during your trip.

No matter where you are going or what your plans are, there are sunglasses for every type of traveler. Do some research before leaving for your trip to make sure you’re bringing the right sunglasses for the job!


Tips that Lead to Successful Sunglass Sales


So you are thinking about selling sunglasses? You have probably already read several sunglasses websites and have some experience buying sunglasses from various places.  You have probably received a lot of advice from family and friends.  The fact that are you reading the blogs on this page is a clear indicator that you want to succeed.

Here are some tips that can help you succeed.  First you need to do business with a successful company such as a leader in the industry.  When you buy wholesale from a leader your money will not be tied up with backorder scams and out of stock ploys.  You will get your sunglasses on time ready to sale.

Next have you thought about “customer service”?  I am certain that if you are old enough to want to be your own boss you have heard someone mention this or read it on a sign.  But what does it really mean.

Customer service is a state of mind and heart that your customers will pick up on.

A very basic component of “customer service” is always greet your customers with a smile.  In fact you should not be thinking about your troubles at all when you are on the job because it will show on your face.  It is difficult to have a smile on your face if you are worried about making your car payment on time.  How many times have you been in the mall and noticed the frowns that were on the faces of the sellers at those little booths.  Ever wondered what they were thinking about?  The point is you don’t want your customers to see you unhappy.  You want to present yourself with a smile at all times – as if your very job is fun.   A frown is contagious.  Would you want to talk to someone that had a frown on their face – probably not.

It is important to know about the sunglasses that you are selling.  Go to the manufacturer’s websites and read what they say about their products.  Customers are more comfortable dealing with sales staff that know all about the products they are selling.  That means you have to be able to answer their questions – with a smile.  So if you are selling sunglasses that you have not personally used – you need to learn about them.  Read customer comments about the products.  Ask people you see wearing sunglasses that you do not know about – what they think about their sunglasses – their likes, dislikes and would they buy that pair of sunglasses again.

And here is another tip.  Manufactures love to change things.  This years best seller will be discontinued next year – so you need to find out what model they are going to replace your best seller with.  Also check out their competitors – many times a rival manufacturer will begin making a pair of sunglasses that look and function exactly like the ones that were discontinued.  Warning – don’t sell knockoffs.  The local police can arrest you even if the company that made your best seller no longer makes that model – because they “own the rights” to that design. 


Sunglasses that Suit You


WW_sunglasses_to_suit_your_faceHere at Mass vision we understand your love for sunglasses. Sunglasses become a part of you; they complete your outfit and maximize your style. You’ll find yourself reaching for them, even when they are not there. Take a look through a magazine and find something all of the more stylish and beautiful celebrities have in common. The answer is your solution: sunglasses.

You need to find the pair of sunglasses that compliment you. You for you, your face shape, hair, and the colors you find the most in your daily attire. Sunglasses can bring out hidden colors in your outfit that you want to accentuate and bring out to the light. Wear sunglasses with a copper shine that brings out the copper threading in your scarf or on your nails. Sunglasses are the perfect accessory. With so many options, it can be hard to choose the style that is perfect for you, but with Mass Visions’ gender free unisex sunglasses, both you and your partner can switch off and trade. Want protection from the sun? We have those too; Mass Vision offers high quality UV protection sunglasses for a great price.

Pick a pair of sunglasses to match your winter purse or your snow boots. Select a pair of sunglasses in the spring to match your glowing radiant skin to your healthy hair with golden tinted sunglasses. You can literally stylize with all your other accessories: rings, earrings, necklaces, nails and more. No matter what you do for a living, you can always have a beautiful pair of sunglasses that will bring in compliments from everyone.

Find your prefect pair of sunglasses at Mass Vision. Try them on, see how they feel on the sides of your head, where they rest on your nose, pay attention to how you feel in them. Do they match the shape of your face; do they compliment your features? Check them out in a mirror and take your time and you will find the perfect pair for you. While trying to find your favorite among so many options may be tricky, it doesn’t have to be complicated for your wallet. We feature fantastic designer names at wholesale prices, so you don’t have to break the piggy bank if you break a pair of glasses. No matter what your style is, we have it, get more for less with Mass Vision Sunglasses.


DG Polarized Sunglasses

dg-sunglasses-polarized-26163It?s amazing that I?m even going to say this, but sunglasses are meant to be worn
outside. Shocker.

That seems obvious, but not all sunglasses are actually designed to block the sun.
That’s right, the fact is that most sunglasses don?t block the sun, they merely deflect it
and redirect it. In most cases this deflection intensifies it into concentrated beams of
light which hurt the eyes more than direct sunlight. That is the scientific way of saying,
they create glare.

In today?s world sunglasses are worn primarily for their fashion-ability and less for the
basic function they are meant to serve. This is a problem for anyone who actually tries
to use them for an outdoor activity, such as hiking, boating, or my personal endeavor
beach volleyball. The glare of these “fashionable” sunglasses is almost paralyzing,
making things worse than if you just squinted without them. So we ?outdoorsmen? must
resort to wearing special glasses meant for reducing glare, and they sadly, aren?t very

Thankfully, we?ve come a long way in recent years, and have found a happy medium
between looking good, and seeing well. Modern “Polarized” sunglasses have fused
form with function allowing for stylish eyewear that actually protects your eyes. Ladies
and Gents, I give you the creme de la creme: DG Polarized Sunglasses.

VertX Premium Sport Sunglasses

52012_1Quick—name a vital accessory for outdoor sports. Whether your sport of choice is tennis, cycling, hiking, or a leisurely backyard game of bocce while burgers grill, sunglasses are vital. The right sunglasses complete a look, whether sporting the latest athletic high-tech gear for a favorite sport or going for picnic chic in shorts and tank top. Sunglasses reduce glare, increasing comfort and potentially improving your sports performance.  And most importantly, sunglasses protect your eyes and the surrounding delicate skin from damaging ultraviolet rays. Sunglasses are more than a fashion accessory. They’re a necessity that has the advantage of also being a great fashion touch. And for casual looks and athletic activities, VertX Premium Sports Sunglasses are a great choice.

VertX Premium Sports Sunglasses offer an array of practical, fashionably sporty choices, all with shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses. Some offer polarized lenses, a great choice for certain activities. Did you know that polarized lenses make water appear more transparent by removing reflective glare? Wouldn’t that be handy for fishing? For that matter, consider the potential for improved flirting at the pool.

VertX Premium Sports Sunglasses are especially attractive because they are “premium” products without the “premium” price tag. Just about everyone has had the annoying experience of  leaving sunglasses by the pool, in the locker room, or at the ice cream stand. With high-quality, but reasonably priced glasses such as Vertx, there’s no excuse not to have a back-up pair—or several pairs for different activities and looks. You might want a pair with more wrap for biking, or polarized lenses for boating. Even if your favorite outdoor “sport” is relaxing on the beach or grilling the perfect steak, your eyes still need protection, and you still want that sporty-chic look for your outdoor activities. With styles ranging from high-tech to classic, this line offers options for every casual or athletic activity, with styles both men and women will love, and at a price that makes the already attractive sunglasses downright irresistible.

Of course, with VertX Premium Sports Sunglasses, you’ll lose that “the sun was in my eyes” excuse for missing a shot in tennis. But maybe you won’t need that excuse if the sun isn’t in your eyes! In any case, you’ll look great while protecting your vision and your skin from the sun’s damaging effects.

VOX Sunglasses

All sunglasses are not created equal.  VOX Sunglasses are created superior.  Superior in their look and style as well as in the allure they’ll cast over your customers.  Possessing classic sophistication as well as their own singular charisma, VOX Sunglasses give a man or a woman a confident and cool mystique instantly.  Elegantly chic as well as always up-to-the-minute stylish, they’re affordable glamor certain to become one of your shop’s main attractions.


Cool Sunglasses for the Kids

sunglasses kidsWant your beloved kiddo to look cool all year round while protecting their eyesight from the harsh elements? Fit them into a snug pair of designer sunglasses! Little kids love to dress like grown-ups; and oftentimes they do this through creative play where they dress-up or by wearing outfits similar to their mommy or daddy. Sunglasses are a surefire affordable way of letting your mini-me feel grown-up while protecting their precious eyes. Several designers provide different types that can fit the personality of any child.

Kitty Kat Wayfarer Sunglasses

One of my personal favorites is that of Kitty Kat Wayfarer. My little girly-girl loves these glasses because of the cute bow that is decorated with rhinestones on her pair. Because she’s often finicky in her choices, ordering these glasses in bulk provides a variety of colors to match her daily outfits. Instant hit at our house!

Dimitris Dimitrou Kids

Want your kids to look like Lady Gaga or Rihanna? Yeah, me neither, but if you buy Dimitris Dimitrou Kids glasses for your kids, they will certainly feel like a million bucks! These glasses have a unique style offering a bigger lens, often a favorite among celebrities. My daughter will wear these at home with a decorative boa and high heels traipsing around her bedroom or out with the family to her favorite restaurant. The versatility in Dimitris Dimitrou glasses is remarkable.

Element 8 Kids

My little preschool boy absolutely adores Element 8 Kids glasses! He is such a boy’s boy – wanting to zap invisible monsters hiding behind our unassuming living room couches. Sometimes, he pretends these glasses will shoot demolishing rays to these intruders. Who can blame him? The sleek and futuristic look of these glasses certainly appeals to the wannabe space avenger inside of him, yet they are subtle enough to wear anywhere he goes- to the beach, to school, or to his best friend’s house.

Whatever brand you decide for your little one, you never have to worry that you won’t find a pair that will suit him or her. Choose from a large collection of different styles that will match your child’s personality, or buy several styles. The prices are so affordable – you will surely get a bang for your buck! Worried that your child may lose a pair or break them right away as they are prone to do? Never fear, these glasses are created with the utmost quality – making it difficult to damage. Most importantly, ordering at a low price still gives you a dozen!

Four Hot Sunglasses for Spring and Summer

When Spring and Summer roll in, sunglasses become the most popular accessory, so you need the best. No matter what else you wear, you’re going to look hot in these cool shades.

Dimitris Dimitriou Wayfarer
Animal prints are a big trend this season, especially when it comes to accessories. The bold print of these Dimitris Dimitriou Wayfarer sunglasses will look great with the subtleties of pastel outfits, a favorite trend among the celebrities. No matter what you wear, these Wayfarer glasses are there to complement you all the way. They come in an assortment of animal prints, including two favorites among accessories: cheetah and zebra print.

Kleo Collection

What I love about the Kleo collection is their unique design. They put in all the work of being fashionable. This way, if you want to go out in a casual ensemble, you’ll still look chic. Since the design, which is a sure head turner, is so beautifully exaggerated, make sure your outfit is low-key. These sunglasses will best compliment denim jeans with a plain top, or leggings and an earth tone chunky sweater. Aside from looking hot, the Kleo collection’s gift to you is protection. UV400 protection is offered on all of their lenses to keep you safe while enjoying the sun.
Dimitris Dimitriou in Pink
One look at these sunglasses in pink, and the first thought that comes to mind is “Spring!”. Not only does the floral design evoke a nostalgia for the warm months, the Dimitris Dimitriou in Pink offers a brightness fit for Spring. But don’t be confused and think you’re sporting pastel here. This is a fun and bright pink shade that should be worn with a low-key outfit, much like the Dimitris Dimitriou Wayfarer. I think it’s safe to say that if you want to stand out with your sunglasses, Dimitris Dimitriou is the brand for you.
louis-valentin-rhinestone-sunglassesLouis Valentin
Since my first three picks had loud designs and colors, I felt the need to throw in a more understated pair of shades to round off the list.  Louis Valentin sunglasses are perfect for, well, anything. You can never go wrong in black shades. These sunglasses offer little drama, so don’t search your closet for a dressed-down outfit of the day. Be fearless with your color choices.
I must confess, these glasses aren’t entirely without drama. The rhinestone along the frame is an edgy touch to an otherwise classic look.

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