How Movies Made Sunglasses Cool

Film Title: Public EnemiesFirst it was hats like Fedoras, then it was cigarettes, and then movie-making magic in Hollywood made wearing sunglasses very, very cool. Originally designed to shield the eyes from increasingly harmful ultra-violet rays, wearing sunglasses even at night or inside has reached an acceptable status. No longer are sunglasses the “tool” against the sun they used to be, these days, they are a status symbol and a fashion statement.

But what helped put them there? Hollywood cinema has long influenced American culture and sunglass-donning actors are no different.

Think: The Matrix, 1999. Neo and his ultra-hip group are leading the world through a global war with robots. Can’t get much more hip than that.

Watch out Sarah Connor: The Terminator, 1984. How many times have those famous words spoken by Arnold Schwarzenegger been emulated? “I’ll be back.” Is only truly complete with dark, foreboding sunglasses that hid his mechanical eyes.

Remember: Reservoir Dogs, 1992. Quentin Tarantino, Hollywood legend outfits his hardcore yet charismatic criminals with tantalizingly stylish Ray Bans.

Who could forget? Taxi Driver, 1976. Robert DeNiro and his Mohawk would just not be complete without the deep shades that mirrored his own dark, tortured soul.

And we’re all in love with: True Romance, 1993. Christian Slater’s character isn’t only in love with Alabama Whitman (Patricia Arquette) he’s also in love with Elvis, and he sports Elvis-inspired gold-rimmed shades throughout the movie.

Let’s get enterprising with Joel in: Risky Business, 1983. Tom Cruise is the quintessential teenager looking to score with the older, impossibly hot Rebecca De Mornay. Would he have landed her on that train if she hadn’t seen him sporting those classic Wayfarers?

Clearly, Hollywood has influenced the American culture and trends in a way that can be traced back to movies we love, and characters we love to hate.

An Overlooked Piece of Running Gear: Your Sunglasses

102The newest shoes, hydration systems, compression shorts…the list for essential gear for runners goes on and on. However, an often-overlooked piece of equipment that runners frequently forget is one that we feel very strongly about: sunglasses. In this article, we’d like to highlight some of the reasons why runners need sunglasses.

Less glare = more safety

During almost any daytime run, your eyes are subjected to a great deal of abuse in the form of light pollution and glare. Bright sun, wet roads, snow and a list of other causes can buffet your eyes. At the very best of circumstances, running in these conditions can leave you with a headache. In the worst of situations, these conditions can damage your fragile eyes. Sunglasses are the solution to protecting your delicate corneas. Using sunglasses with polarized, anti-glare lenses filter out the jarring light and protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays, making your workouts more enjoyable in the short term, and saving you from eye issues in the long run, so to speak.

They’re made for you

If you notice an elite runner’s (and if you are an elite runner, you know who you are) gear, you ‘ll notice a few different kinds, but the one thing they have in common is they all look like they were made for runners. Maybe these athletes are on to something – the fact is, sunglasses that were designed for running take almost all the factors that runners face into consideration. For example: our popular VertX Sunglasses are designed to make sure your sunglasses stay in place – where they belong – on your nose, in rain, through sweat, and sudden movement.

Are you a runner that’s interested in a pair of performance sunglasses? Check out our line of sunglasses made for you, the athlete. Let us know in the comments below if you’re an avid sunglasses-wearing-runner too!

Sunglasses shopping tips for men

$(KGrHqN,!pUE+-opeD,RBQS9NWOMy!~~60_35_enAre you looking for a new pair of sunglasses that offer you comfort as well as appreciations from all quarters for your choice? Then this small blog can offer a piece of helpful advice. Though there are people who buy a pair for every occasion, you can take the first step by buying a single pair that more or less matches all occasions.

The first and foremost tip is to buy mens sunglasses that fit your face perfectly. You can go for a large frame if your face is large and aviator glasses if your face is on the squarish side. An angular frame works perfectly if your face is round. Any type of sunglasses normally look good on an oval face.

The sunglasses should also be chosen according to the size of your face. The size of sunglasses should be directly proportional to the size of the face. If you go for smaller sunglasses on a wide face then it will look quite odd.

Next is the color of the sunglasses. As far as possible, you should go a color that matches the skin tone. Today there are several shades of brown, grey, green and blue to choose from besides black. If you don’t want to experiment much then you can go for black.
Also you should go for sunglasses that suit your face. Many people buy sunglasses of their favorite celebrity or star. Just because the pair looks good on your favorite celebrity does not mean that they will look good on you.

Last but not the least is the quality. As far as possible you should not compromise on quality. The sunglasses should fulfill the primary requirement of protecting you from the harsh rays of the sun. So buy the best quality in your budget.

Instagram Sunglasses are Trending

luke_asper_glasses_copySeems like the time has come, in this technological age, when two utterly distinct forms merge together to popularize a new trend. The merging in this caseare ‘sunglasses’ — with an ‘app’! Yep, that’s right!

I know what you’re thinking…how is this possible!? Well it is possible, and it is happening. And, no its not happening in a lab with test tubes and beakers.

So let me explain. For those that are not familiar with Instagram, it is a very popular app for smartphones and tablets that stores photos by the user to be displayed and shared in the social media world. It has over 200 million users that are fervently active shutterbugs.

One other feature of Instagram is that it has photo editing tools that enables the picture fiend to crop, rotate, sharpen, to their hearts extent. And it can also change the hue of photos from the desire of choice.

So what does Instagram have in common with sunglasses? Well, I was just about ready to get to that. The main connection is located right in the lenses. The designers of sunglasses have integrated those variety of hues in their lenses, that are just the same as those that can be found in the Instagram app. Thereby giving the wearer a different perspective of their visual surroundings.

Let’s just say: an Instagram perspective.

Cheap Sunglasses

The problem with cheap sunglassesCheap sunglasses arrayed in vertical stacks, one over the other, on a rotating turnstile with a face-size mirror at the top, standing near the cash register of a gas station or drugstore. No rhyme or reason for the grouping, each turn of the fixture displays another row of mixed styles; square frames with clear lenses, rimless plastic lenses with tints, aviators reflecting everything but revealing nothing through the miniature one-way mirror lenses.

Cheap sunglasses are the carefully selected impulse buy, checking each look in the mirror, before walking back out to the gas pump during a road trip rest stop. Instant cool. Are their eyes closed behind the reflective film on the plastic lenses or are they just blocking out the glare while contemplating the bright blue sky? Cheap sunglasses are a classic symbol of highway Americana.

The indispensable accessory at the weekly poker game cheap sunglasses can make the difference that keeps secret the busted flush everyone else thinks is aces. The corners of mouths reacting as the lenses covering the eyes reflect two hands raking rainbows of chips. A ten dollar investment in cheap sunglasses pays off sitting in a smoky man cave or at a table in the Bellagio.

Think about it, one of the most iconic fashion accessories in history literally available on nearly every street corner in the U.S. for less than a sawbuck. Next time your in the convenience store, checking out each angle of the sunglasses turnstile, pick a pair of cheap frames to fit your face. Guaranteed, they’ll make you see things differently. 

5 Essentials When Selecting Sunglasses for Water Sports

sport_jetskiBefore you hit the waves this summer, make sure you assess your new shades for both style and function. Whether you’re looking to take out the Wave runner, to engage in some serious surfing, or to angle away the afternoon, you need sunglasses that not only look good, but increase your comfort on the water. The following features are essential for active beach goers and water sport enthusiasts.

1. Floating Capabilities

You’ve invested time and money in selecting your sunglasses so you want to make sure they last. Sunglasses with floating capabilities are ideal for windsurfers, body boarders, and kite surfers. Also consider sunglasses with rubber ear stems for a more comfortable fit.

2. Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses cut down on glare and increase depth of visibility. Decreased glare is an additional safeguard against exposure to UV rays.

3. Proper Ventilation

To avoid fogging, purchase sunglasses that provide adequate ventilation. Though wrap-around lenses may offer greater coverage, a close fit can cause condensation to form, limiting visibility.

4. UV Protection

Ultraviolent radiation is present during both cloudy and sunny weather and can cause short-term and long-term eye damage including some types of cataracts. Unfortunately, not all sunglasses provide 100% UV protection. Verify the label on your favorite pair before venturing out in the sun.

5. Shatterproof Lenses

Sunglasses are more than a style statement; they are a form of eye protection. Be sure your lenses are made of polycarbonate and shatterproof, especially if you plan to wear them in extreme conditions.

Retro Sunglass Styles for Men this Summer

wholesale-mens-sunglassesWherever your summertime adventures take you, it’s hard to overstate the importance of sunglasses, both for comfort and as a part of your style regimen. In fact, a carefully chosen pair of sunglasses can easily become a signature piece. This summer, more and more men are dipping into sunglasses styles that were first designed more than 50 years ago. These instantly-recognizable designs have stood the test of time for good reason, and are all can’t-miss choices for these summer months.

The Wayfarer
Since their introduction in the mid ‘50s, no sunglass style has retained its popularity better than this Ray-Ban design. Invented by optic expert Raymond Stegeman, this model’s unique frame shape has become an oft-imitated classic. 

Round Frame

If you’re looking to throw a vintage twist to your look, nothing beats the retro style of round frame lenses. First popularized in the ‘20s and ‘30s, circular frames are known to soften the look of strong jawlines, leading to a truly whimsical summer look.

This style was initially developed to help pilots see in treacherously bright conditions, but it didn’t take long for aviator frames to take off in the world of fashion, due in part to their numerous appearances in pop culture. The already-popular style got a major boost thanks to the endorsements of musicians like Paul McCartney and Freddy Mercury, both of whom were photographed sporting these shades. These days, they can be seen everywhere due to their masculine style that pair up nicely with just about any kind of look. 

3 Reasons Why Wayfarer Sunglasses Will Never Go out of Style

macaKeeping up with current fashion trends is always a challenge. And it will always be a challenge.

Trends are always changing. That’s the problem. That’s why they call them trends. Forget about staying ahead of the next trend. It’s difficult enough to just stay current.

To make matters worse, most people want to keep up with fashion trends, but they also want to express their individual style. That makes their choice in sunglasses a personal challenge.

Your problem is to balance your customer’s need to be fashionable with their desire to be unique.

The Fashion Choice Is Yours

You have hundreds of options to choose from when purchasing wholesale sunglasses. If you pick the right style, they will fly off the shelf. Choose the wrong style and you’re stuck with merchandise that won’t move.

The 3 Reasons Wayfarer Sunglasses Will Never Go out of Style

1. Wayfarers Sunglasses Are a Part of Our Culture

Originally designed in 1952, wayfarer sunglasses made an instant splash in popular culture. Movie stars, celebrities, musicians, and artists made the wayfarer style a part of their “look.”

When people saw their idols in movies and in magazines, they quickly fell in love with the wayfarer look. It didn’t take long for wayfarer sunglasses to become a popular culture icon. More than 60 years later, their iconic style shows no sign of fading in popularity.

2. Wayfarer Sunglasses Are Cool

There is no other way to say it. Wayfarer sunglasses are just cool.

When you put on a pair, you get instant cool points. You feel cool. You act cool. And people think you’re cool. There is no other style of sunglasses that has such a dramatic impact on the way the wearer feels.

3. Wayfarer Sunglasses Let the Wearer Express Their Personal Style

Thanks to the modernization of the wayfarer style, basic black is no longer the only option. Everyone can choose from a variety of fresh colors and accents that match their personal style.

Make It Easy on Yourself, Choose Wayfarers

Choose wayfarer sunglasses. Your customers will.

Mass Vision Wholesale Sunglasses offers more than 48 different styles of wayfarer sunglasses. From the original classic black to colorful tie-dye patterns, we can say with confidence that we have a style for everyone. We also sell children’s versions.

So forget fashion trends that come and go.

Offer your customers the eternal classic style of wayfarer sunglasses from Mass Vision Wholesale Sunglasses.








RealTree Camouflage Sunglasses

56025cmpolMany hunters find it hard to find the best sunglasses. They need a pair that not only protect their eyes from the sun, but ones that fight glare, and are strong and sweat proof. Look no further than the RealTree Camouflage sunglasses as your next pair on your next hunt. These glasses are not just great to look and easy to wear; they are strong and extremely durable.

Get total protection from the sun while sizing up your shot with these great sunglasses. You’ll get complete prevention of UV rays and glare so you’ll see everything clearly and crisply. Night vision lenses are also available for dusk and dawn.  Technology built into the lenses will help with your body’s rhythms to keep you balanced and relaxed during every stage of your hunt. These sunglasses are almost impossible to hurt, crack, or destroy wherever you go with lines that also look great.

The shape of the lenses have a purpose as well and are shaped for less distortion while helping to eliminate eye fatigue and ache. This means you can be outside as long as you wish without your most important hunting feature wearing out. All the protection and advantages of these lenses will not wear down the longer you own them. It is virtually guaranteed to last as long as you have your sunglasses.

2353-2723Great rubber tips and nose pieces provide more than great grip. The longer you’re outside and when you sweat, technology inside the rubber will continue to hold on tight. Get the RealTree Camouflage sunglasses and rest assured that the hunt will be the only thing on your mind.

We have not forgotten about the women either.  Check out our pink camouflage sunglasses with rhinestones!

How to Select the Right Sunglasses that Suit your Face

faceSunglasses are not just a fashion accessory but also a necessity for people working outdoors. However, selecting the right sunglasses that suit your face can be a daunting task for many people. To determine the right frames of sunglasses, you need to know the shape of your face. Faces are classified into seven shapes: oval, diamond, oblong, round, square, triangle, and inverted triangle. While choosing the right frame of sunglasses, the fundamental rule is to select the frame with a contrasting shape. For example, people with round faces should opt for angular sunglasses having narrow frames. This will help in concealing their round face. Perhaps, the round face may look a bit longer with narrow frames.

Another important aspect is the size of sunglasses. Are you someone with a small face? In that case, avoid buying sunglasses with large frames; they will be quite intimidating on your face. Select a frame that suits the size of your face. In general, we recommend rimless frames for people with diamond-shaped faces. On the other hand, people with oval faces can prefer buying square frames of sunglasses. Do you have a triangle shaped face? Then, flaunt colorful frames with straight cut.
Size and shape of your face may be important factors, but you cannot afford to ignore your skin tone and hair color. Select a frame that suits your skin tone and hair color. People with brown skin tone should prefer buying frames having off-white or copper frames. People with pinkish white skin tone look great in frames of black and dark blue hues.

There are many factors you need to consider while buying sunglasses: fit, comfort, design, appeal, and protection. A great pair of sunglasses is the one that suits your face and prevents your eyes from being exposed to harmful ultraviolet sunrays. Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory, they accentuate your face and brighten your appearance. Ensure that you buy sunglasses having scratch-resistant lenses.

Although shape and size of your face are important parameters for selection, you should not forget about your facial features. Do not be influenced by a celebrity endorsing a particular brand of sunglasses. Always select a pair of sunglasses that bring balance to your face. Can you imagine how terrible it is to see a person with delicate features sporting a large pair of sunglasses? Select a pair of sunglasses that accentuates your facial features.

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